Weakened Tooth Enamel Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity Symptoms

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Tooth sensitivity can have several different sources. Sometimes it can be caused by undetected or untreated tooth decay or something as obscure as a chronic sinus infection. However, in many cases tooth sensitivity is linked to demineralized tooth enamel.

When enamel erosion is allowed to progress without professional remediation, it can cause microscopic pores deep within tooth enamel. If the dentin layer is exposed, it can significantly exacerbate tooth sensitivity issues.

If you’ve had issues with sensitivity that you suspect is related to enamel erosion, Dr. Grant R Young might recommend administering a standard fluoride treatment. This can conveniently be administered following your regular dental checkup.

Concentrated fluoride gel is poured into a tray that is inserted in your mouth and held there for a few minutes. You should avoid eating or drinking for at least a half an hour to allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate the enamel of your teeth.

Dr. Grant R Young might also prescribe daily fluoride supplements. This usually comes in the form of a concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouthrinse that you apply to your teeth right before you go to sleep each night.

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