Severe Dental Trauma Might Require Treatment with a Bridge Restoration

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A severe dental trauma caused by an accident, hard fall, or a blow to the face during athletics can be very painful, and often requires immediate treatment. If the internal structures of the tooth have been damaged, our team at the dental office of Grant R Young DDS in Wausau, Wisconsin, may be able to perform a root canal to save the tooth.

If the damage is severe or the bone structure in the area has also been compromised, we may advocate extracting the badly damaged tooth. After your gums have fully healed, our specialists can help you understand your dental restoration options.
If you are averse to the oral surgeries involved in a dental implant restoration, we might recommend installing a bridge over the void.

This restoration treatment typically requires two separate appointments. It starts with our dentist examining the two teeth adjacent to the void to make sure they are completely healthy. He will then remove the tooth enamel from each tooth. This creates a pair of abutments that will eventually anchor the bridge in your mouth. An impression will be created of the area which will be sent to our dental lab. This will serve as a guide for them when custom making your final bridge. Once this is done a temporary crown will be secured over the abutments to protect them.

We will call you to schedule the second appointment when the dental lab has completed the bridge. Each of the temporary crowns will be removed before your bridge is cemented into place with a durable dental adhesive. If you live in the Wausau, Wisconsin area and you’ve suffered a traumatized or knocked out tooth, we invite you to call 715-845-6222 to seek treatment. Our team at the dental office of Grant R Young DDS looks forward to restoring your healthy smile!