Questions to Ask During an Oral Cancer Screening

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Do you frequently attend oral cancer screenings with the dentist? Thousands of patients in the United States are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, and it’s important to detect the condition early in order to receive ideal treatment for oral cancer. We typically provide oral cancer screenings as part of your dental checkups, and we invite you to ask questions about your health.

If you are worried about having oral cancer, you can schedule a dental checkup at any time as well as take some time to examine your mouth at home to reveal symptoms of oral cancer. Whether you are at the office of Dr. Grant R Young or at home, you should ask the following questions:

– Is there visible damage in your mouth that you can’t explain, such as areas of erosion, rough patches, lumps and bumps, or lesions that have lasted two weeks or more?
– Do you have areas of your mouth that bleed for a long time without clotting?
– Are there any areas of numbness or loss of feeling in your neck, head, face or your mouth?
– Have you noticed that you have the sensation of a lump in your throat or a constant sore throat that does not go away, or do you struggle to chew, eat, swallow or speak?
– Have you had a dramatic decrease in weight without diet or exercise?

If you can respond to any of these questions with “yes,” it’s important that you contact Grant R Young DDS at 715-845-6222 today and speak with our team to schedule an oral cancer screening in Wausau, Wisconsin, so that we can help you preserve your oral and general health.