The Facts About Flossing

You probably understand how brushing your teeth can benefit the health of your entire mouth, but do you know why flossing is important? In reality, there are a number of benefits to flossing, and a few things you may need to do to get the most benefits from your flossing. When you brush your teeth,… Read more »

Filling Materials Are Often Determined by a Cavity’s Location

Cavities form when poor oral hygiene allows the natural bacteria living in your mouth to exploit a weakened area of tooth enamel. Early detection is essential for treatment success without complications. Here at , your dentist, Dr. , commonly uses fillings to repair small-to-medium-sized cavities. Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the tooth…. Read more »

A Custom Partial Can Restore the Presence and Function of Multiple Missing Teeth

If you’ve had multiple teeth lost to decay, gum disease or extraction, it can severely limit the function of your mouth. This can have an adverse effect on your quality of life and can limit your food choices. One way to replace the presence and basic function of these missing teeth without the use of… Read more »

How Was Your Oral Health Care Last Year?

How was your oral health care last year? Would you rate it as your best year yet? If not, then there is room for improvement. Every new year should be a new opportunity to turn your mouth into a smile masterpiece. Each year should also be an improvement upon the year that has come before… Read more »

Maintaining Optimum Oral Health Care

Maintaining optimum oral health care should be the priority of everyone. If your teeth are neglected, and your gums left in disrepair, you will become at high risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, you are at a much higher risk for oral accidents if we do not take the proper preventative measures for… Read more »

Crowns or Implants?

You’re in the market for a new smile, but you’re facing a problem – you can’t decide between two great options in dental crowns and dental implants. While both procedures offer advantages the other doesn’t, we know it’s hard to pick between the two. So let’s look at what both procedures offer so you can… Read more »

Address Tooth Problems Immediately

During the holiday season it can seem pretty frivolous to go get medical help for a tooth problem. After all, many more people are seeking healthcare for far more important problems, right? While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore any tooth problems during the holidays. Let’s look at the problems… Read more »

Your Smile and your Self Confidence

If your smile makes you feel self-conscious and less willing to smile in public, then you’re not alone. However, you don’t need to think there’s nothing you can do to make the changes you want to your smile. There’s one simple trick we use here at in , , to help our patients get an… Read more »

Enamel Erosion Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Your tooth enamel is composed of tightly packed mineral crystals. The acidic foods and drinks you consume and the bacteria in your mouth can actually erode the density of these mineral crystals in a process known as demineralization. If this is not counteracted by some means, it will eventually weaken your tooth enamel, making your… Read more »

A Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine Is Critical for Maintaining Good Oral Health

The American Dental Association recognizes that a consistent and effective daily oral hygiene routine is one of the important key factors to maintaining good oral health. Here at , our dentist, Dr. , offers these key insights for you to help you make the most out of your daily oral hygiene routine. The first factor… Read more »