Our dentist and team can give you a pain-free mouth when we provide our oral sore treatment. If you have developed sores on your gums, tongue, or lips, then we may need to examine them and determine the best course for your care. Schedule an appointment at the office of Grant R Young DDS if you need to receive mouth sore treatment.

Oral sores are raised lumps that can develop in your mouth or on your lips. Pressure applied to these sores can cause a lot of discomfort, as can eating salty, spicy foods. Cold sores and canker sore are the most common types of mouth sores, though a sore’s presence may indicate a more serious condition, such as oral cancer. If you have had a sore in your mouth that has not gone away after a couple of weeks, then come to our practice for mouth sore treatment.

Our doctor will begin treatment by examining and scanning the sore so we can discover the source of the problem. We may even take a biopsy of the sore to determine its nature. Some ways to get rid of the sore include rinsing with a prescription mouthwash or taking a topical medication. Laser therapy may be recommended for mouth sores that are hard to remove. Please contact our dental team if you want to learn more about our treatment for mouth sores in Wausau, Wisconsin.