Common Types of Sedatives Used to Relax Patients

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Sedation dentistry is a field of dentistry that specializes in providing treatments for individuals with dental anxiety. If a person begins to feel stressed or anxious, there are sedative options that can be discussed to help relax the patient. Sedatives can also be used to put a patient under when an intensive procedure must be performed.

Gas sedatives can be used to help patients relax. The right mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, can produce a calming effect that is wonderful for stressed patients.

If the patient has plenty of time to spare, oral sedatives can be given. However, they do take a while to kick in, often up to an hour, so they should always be taken early before any work is to be done.

If you are looking for a faster acting sedative, one type can be injected directly into your bloodstream for an immediate effect. It can be adjusted accordingly to provide the level of sedation required. With deeper sedatives and anesthesia, a patient can even be put to sleep for the entirely of a dental procedure, and only woken up when the sedative wears off.

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