All You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

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Do you want to know all about root canal treatment? If so, our dentist, Dr. Grant R Young, is more than happy to help you. Whether it’s because you have an upcoming treatment or you just want to know more, more knowledge is always better. To tell you all about root canal treatment in Wausau, Wisconsin, our dentist is happy to share the following facts with you:

-Root canal treatment is most often needed when a tooth is badly damaged, decayed or infected. This might be from cavities, oral injury or more.

-Root canal treatment involves our dentist removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth and then cleaning and sealing the tooth.

-Root canal treatment might sound painful, but it is not more painful than a typical dental filling treatment. This is because anesthetics and dental sedatives can be used to help you remain comfortable and calm during the appointment.

-If you refuse root canal treatment and ignore the decayed and damaged tooth, then the surrounding teeth can be affected and abscesses could form.

For more information and details about root canal treatment, please call our dental team at Grant R Young DDS at your earliest convenience. All you need to do is dial 715-845-6222 and we will be happy to give you the answers and help you need. We look forward to helping you!