Addressing Dry Mouth in Your Smile

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If you are unfamiliar with dry mouth, we invite you to review these dry mouth facts and speak with our dentist about treatment options:

– Dry mouth is a common dental issue: At some points in your life, you will experience an occasional dry mouth from nerves or stress, but this can also be a regular occurrence in which you often feel an uncomfortable dry sensation throughout the day. Dry mouth affects millions of Americans, many of who are not aware that they are dealing with a chronic condition.

– Healthy habits can help you avoid dry mouth: While dry mouth can develop from certain medications, it can also be prevented if you practice simple healthy habits that improve oral health, including drinking lots of water to keep your mouth refreshed, avoiding caffeinated beverages and tobacco products, eating your meals with water and non-sugary drinks, chewing sugar-free gum and running a humidifier in your room during the night.

– Saliva is a boost: Your oral health is largely improved by the roles of saliva, which not only keeps your mouth wet to reduce dry mouth but also lowers your risk of decay and oral infection by rinsing your teeth and makes it easier to chew, swallow and digest the food you eat.

We encourage you to speak with our dentist about treatment for dry mouth in Wausau, Wisconsin, if you suspect it is affecting your smile and risking your teeth. You are welcome to contact Grant R Young DDS at 715-845-6222 today for a consultation with Dr. Grant R Young if your mouth is feeling dry throughout the day.